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Always at Your Service: Canvera - Jan 7th 2011
Canvera Wins Asia Pacific & Japan Award

Dr. Dhiraj Kacker, CEO,
Canvera Digital Technologies P. Ltd.
With the emergence of online printing and digital photo albums, many companies are getting into this genre, and Canvera is a prominent player in this field.

Mathew Thottungal converses with Dr. Dhiraj Kacker, CEO of Canvera, to find out about the company's strategies.

With the digital camera market recording impressive gains, the market for image management tools is wide open with vendors not fully capitalizing on the opportunities. In your point of view, how does Canvera intend to capture the marketing dollars in the professional photography segment?

There are mainly three ways in which we do this today. Firstly, we provide a client software called Canvera Pro Designer that allows Professional Photographers to manage their pictures, create different types of photo products, and order online. Secondly, we have an organization called 120+ design services that provides design services to professional photographers. So if they do not have the time to spend on the tools, we can take care of their image management requirements.
We provide a variety of print and online products that not only allows professional photographers to provide excellent services to their end clients, but also allows them to market themselves better.

Indians still connect with traditional family values but at the same time printed photographs with all its emotional complexities has not been properly packaged in the country. How does Canvera hope to elicit public opinion and create an opportunity around Photobooks, premium albums, etc at the venue.

Quite simply by providing the world's best printed and online products delivered at unmatched service levels, we are demonstrating that the end consumer are willing to pay for good quality services.
'Preserving Memories' is your key business philosophy. How do you then hope to expand upon the catchword and at the same time engage with the consumer to organize his/her images right from childhood through educational pursuits to marriage and in the bargain build upon a property around it.
We are presently building online solutions that will also integrate with Facebook and Twitter to allow consumers and professional photographers to collate pictures from a wide variety of events.

Currently, the wedding photography market is one of the key drivers for your products and solutions. How do you hope to take this concept further in the new year and how do you propose to engage with the consumers at Photofair'11?

We are mainly a reflection of the state of the photographic industry. The wedding market, for nearly all segments in the photographic industry, represents about 60 percent of revenues. And that is what we see in our business. So while weddings are by the far the most important segment, we regularly see work from photographers who do fashion, wildlife, children, corporate, fine art etc. As a photography player, we are agnostic to the content and our goal is quite simply to service the needs of all kinds of photographers.

- Mathew Thottungal

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Canvera is an online photography company providing mass customized printed products and e-commerce solutions to professional photographers. Canvera's products and services are used by professional photographers to both deliver a high quality experience to their clients and also to market themselves better. Canvera's coffee-table-books were twice awarded the Best Photobook in Asia Pacific & Japan at the annual HP Digital Print Awards in 2008 & 2009. Canvera was also given the Best Innovation in Technology award by Asian Photography magazine for "bringing professionalism and innovation to an unorganized market" and the Tie-Lumis Award for "Entrepreneurial Excellence" in 2010. As on date Canvera has serviced the needs of professional photographers in more than 300 cities across India. Canvera entered the market in July 2008 and was founded by Dr. Dhiraj Kacker (CEO) and Peeyush Rai (CTO) who have previously worked at numerous successful startups in Silicon Valley. Canvera is financially backed by Footprint Ventures (, DFJ ( and Mumbai Angels (

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