Photobook Designing For Pro-Photographers

Canvera provides two kinds of photobook design options, to enable professional photographers get the best output of their work. You can either choose to design the photobook yourself with our easy and effective design tools or enlist our team of experts to do the job for you.

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Canvera Compose

When you choose to design your photobook, you can use the Canvera Compose Tool at no extra cost.

  • Choose from auto-layout options for easy and quick compositions
  • You can also upload pre-designed images
  • There are offline designs to work with too
  • You can even opt for designs from our design catalogue to place your order

Other Design Tools

In our constant effort to empower professional photographers with tools and innovations that yield better outputs, we at Canvera have partnered with two widely popular, gen-x pro design software packages; P’xellu and Fundy.

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Design Services by Canvera

Canvera has a proficient inhouse design team that has been working with professional photographers across categories. Once you enlist their expertise, you can be rest assured that a photobook par excellence will reach your client. Reviewing and sharing of inputs is done online too.

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