When you use Canvera’s inhouse design services you may have some queries, like some of the most common ones listed here with the answers. Though, if you have more questions, we are happy to help.

A photographer has to get registered to become a "Canvera Partner". The registration process is very simple and quick. Please refer to this link to get registered.

We have explained the design process and showcased our themes on the website. To view the pricing, please download the catalog from this page.

Placing a design order is hassle-free. All you need is sorted and selected data to be shared online through "We transfer" and "G Drive" with the design team. Partners in remote areas with limited access to internet, can share the data in a DVD or pen drive through courier, at our Gurgaon office (Plot No-81, 1st Floor, Opposite Hotel Ramada, Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana 122003). Post data archival/received at Canvera an e-order form is filled and a new design order is created with a system generated unique order id.

You can either get in touch with our sales representative or call our Design house at 0124-6685120 or simply send a mail to design@canvera.com and we will assist you to get your order placed. You need to submit readily available images and make payment for the order to be processed.

You can either make payment online once the order is placed or get in touch with our sales representative/ Design services team at 0124-6685120/ send a mail to care@canvera.com and we will assist you to get your order placed. You need to submit readily available images and make payment for the order to be processed. Partners with limited internet access can make cash payment to our executives in exchange of a cash receipt.

Note - Printing payment can also be made along with the design payment if you wish to clear all dues on an order at once.

The total payment is broadly classified as under -

- Design charge + 18% GST on Design charge

- Print/Photo book charge + 12% GST

Post payment and data on your order, it is now good to process

- Data (Photos) Check is conducted

- Design Instruction call goes to you for complete and thorough understanding of the requirements and preferences you want in the design order to be executed (generally takes 30 to 45 minutes).

- Post design instructions you get a comprehensive email describing every element discussed, clarified and communicated to you.

- The order is assigned to a designer and designing commences.

- Quality Audit before sharing the preview

- Preview released (You get a preview link in your registered email id with a pass code for easy and secure access)

- Now comments for minor corrections can be added in the comment box in the preview link under the maximum limit of 20 in plus category and 30 in power plus category.

- Rework and quality audit

- Second preview is released for your approval.

- Upon approval the photobook is printed.

- Post printing quality audit is conducted

- Order book gets shipped.

We only accept sorted, sequenced and complete data files at the time of order creation and post that, we do not take further data which may dismantle the design and trigger a re-design which is chargeable.

We encourage our partners to address all requirements in detail during the design instruction call itself. Corrections beyond the mentioned limit is chargeable.

Changing of design pattern results in re-designing and can be done with an extra charge.

Order cancelation policy allows a 75% of design amount to be refunded post first preview and there after no refund is initiated.

JPEG files can be provided subject to availability and internal approvals, without any mandate attached and post-delivery of the photo book, at a nominal charge.

The easiest way to track any and all development pertaining to your order is through "Canvera partner app". Partners in remote areas with limited access to internet can call us at 1-800-419-0570.

We strongly recommend that the end client involvement, if at all is required, should be done at the order creation level. If you wish to expose the end client to Canvera and want us to work on the order till closure with him, then there is an additional charge for this basis per order. Further Canvera shall orient the end client about the policy and procedure along with any and all details associated with the order in processing.

Post the first review, a design order will not be sustained in the Canvera design system beyond 120 days from the day of order creation, for any reason and qualifies for amount-charging. The data will be deleted from the system immediately.

If a design order is stuck “In preview” the partner is informed of it through multiple communications in different modes, to obtain an approval and for the order to be sent to print. But if it remains stuck beyond 120 days, it gets amount-charged. Then to resume the order the photo book can be printed, subject to availability of data. If the data has already been deleted, then a fresh design order has to be placed and the payment has to be made.