Canvera’s exclusive design tool ‘Compose’, is extremely user-friendly. Though, there are some queries that our users often ask us, and we have listed them here with the answers. If you have any other queries, we are happy to answer them too.

Offline design:

  • Login is not required. You can’t see the full catalog and prices.
  • When connectivity is poor/not good, you can do offline design and then share the designed files or upload later when connection is back.
  • If you have a team of designers, you can assign the photobook design to a designer who can work offline without the need of access to account.

Online design:

  • Login is required. You can see the full catalog and prices.
  • Open photobook configuration window from the left most icon on the top. Go to the “Special Page” section and select number/type of special pages.
  • Now go to the page and right click on it. You will find all the options under “Special Page” menu.

A sheet is composed of two pages or two sides. Hence sheets are half the number of pages. For example, if you print a 40 sheets photobook, you will get 80 pages.

No. But you can enhance images by applying basic filters and adjusting brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and lightness. Go to the Image Enhancement tool to find all these options.

We print the photobooks on 300 DPI. Images with less than 300 DPI will affect the quality of the print. That’s why you get a warning from Compose. You will see a warning icon on images with low DPI issue.

Yes, you can. You have to use the Save Book option to save whatever design you have done so far. Then go to Open option and continue designing the rest of the pages.

There is no option to add your own themes to Compose. But you can always use the custom backgrounds given on Compose.

Currently, there is no option on Compose for quick upload orders. But you can choose specific page number in the design page to assembly and design orders.

Rename the file (Quick Upload) as box image and add your images as normal images. Our Quality Check team will take care of the rest.

The minimum size of the images you have to upload to Compose is 300 DPI. Pixel may vary according to the size of the photobook you choose. Make sure that your images fulfill all the requirements so that they won’t get any warning icon on them.

We would recommend you to review everything before placing order for the photobook even though you are free to ignore the error notifications.

Currently, there are no features to add frame to all the images at once. You can add individual frames to each image you have uploaded.

You won’t be able to find explicit crop option on Compose. But you can adjust the image by double clicking on the particular image and then moving it using your mouse. The specific part of the image you want to see only will be shown. Also, you can use the resize option, if required.

If you need to enhance the images via Compose, you have to go to the ‘Enhance Image’ toolbar option.

In order to change the page layout, go to the Layouts Tab at the bottom panel, first. You will come to see all the available layouts for the particular page you have chosen. We have recently added ‘Layout Filter’ to help you filter the layouts based on the number of images and their respective orientation.

Currently, there is no option for auto alignment in Compose. You will have to manually align the images by using grid/ guides and snapping.

Unmerge spread divides the sheets into two equal pages. You are supposed to merge it to restore the unmerge operation. You can use this feature for special pages and assembly orders.

If you switch to Preview Mode on Compose, you will be able to see the preview of the photobook you designed instead of downloading it as a PDF. Preview Mode option is located on top right part of the page. Online preview is not available for Compose designs.

Currently, there is no option to change the book type, size, orientation, and cover type once you start designing the photobook.

Yes, you can. First of all, you have to save the photobook and then go to the Catalogue Page. There, you can open the book and continue designing.

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