Canvera’s design tool is available at no extra cost and is meant exclusively for Canvera photographers. You can effortlessly design your photobook, and even order a photobook by simply uploading your pre-designed images. All payments for print orders are made online.

Canvera’s design tools are easy to use and there are many pre-designed, thematic layouts to choose from while designing a photobook.

Key Features

Quick Upload For Pre-designed Albums

Upload your pre-designed album directly via compose to quickly process your order for printing.


Explore Catalogue & Place Orders

Canvera’s photobook catalogue has enough and more options to cater to all your requirements. Once you choose a photobook design, all you need to do is place an order and make your payment online.


Design in Offline Mode

Canvera has a unique offline album design feature. You can download Canvera’s design tool onto your desktop and continue working on it even offline. Once it is done, just upload online for print.




I like & use Compose for designing all my books. I love how Compose automatically lays out the images appropriately. In addition I don't even need to be online now and can design books without active internet connection.

Akash Photography


I generally use Auto layout in Assembly mode within Compose. It's quite easy and very fast to layout my designs. Since I can check the complete design with compose,I don't get any calls from Canvera team for corrections and orders go into print quite fast.

Candid Pictures


Most of the books I design are with Western design.It's very easy to design a western style book in Compose. Also it's super easy to download the complete design as a PDF from Compose and share it with the client for approval.

Photo Arts